A downloadable game for Windows

Find your friends and yourself in the club in this Where's Wally (or Waldo if you're in the US) like mashup. Be the first to reunite with your friend in the club.

This game uses a mixture of a web browser (preferably on your phone) and the game running on your computer (Think Jack Box party pack style).  Note: any device wanting to play has to be connected to the same network as the computer running the game.


This is a proof of concept I started for the RainbowJam17 that I unfortunately never got around to finishing on time. But after working on it on and off for a little bit I've finally have a rough but playable prototype.

As it's a little rough the webpage has a handy redraw button when you get into the main game in case the character's don't draw properly at first. If they don't just hit that button a few times and it should look okay

Things I plan to look at in the future

  • The web interface doesn't scale to fit the screen so it's currently at a ratio of 320x480px (just in case someone is using a phone that might use that resolution)
  • Optimise the character rendering on the webpage so it doesn't draw each part separately and potentially out of order
  • Handle people opening the webpage when a game is in progress properly. At the moment if a user loads the page when a game is not at the main menu their webpage mage start updating when other game related messages are sent to them.
  • Add settings menu to the game
  • Improve the webpage so it looks less prototypie
  • Improve the general flow of the game
  • and finally update the programmer art! :P
AuthorTom Haygarth
TagsLGBT, Local multiplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 6


Lost-a0-0-3.zip 16 MB